L.A.S. Vino The Albino PNO 2020


Yes, there is a little bit of pinot noir planted in Margaret River and Nic Peterkin has snaffled some and blended it with chardonnay for a very unique take on rosé. it is light golden in colour with the palest of peach skin pink thanks to zero time on skins – just a gentle slow press. As a consequence it drinks in many ways like a white wine but with a pretty, floral lift. It’s super complex, although subtle – Gardenia, peach skin, pear, and white strawberry aromas with a nice savoury touch thanks to a wild old French oak ferment. You could just stick your nose in this thing all day. The palate then is a little bit of a surprise with understated power and flesh with more white strawberry and citrus plus some oak coming through right on quite a powerful finish. You could have some real fun with this wine in the kitchen with superb food-matching potential across a whole range of dishes. An hour in the decanter would not hurt this wine at all – in fact, it demands it.