Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay 2019


One of Australia’s most iconic wines and certainly our most famous Chardonnay. That means it can never put a foot wrong – the clamour of horror would be deafening if a release fell short, whereas if it maintains the incredible standards it has set over decades, there is little more than a ho-hum. Well, ho-hum, this is stunning stuff. Just a brilliant wine. World class.

An extraordinary blend of opulence, fresh energy, purity of flavour, intensity and length. Stonefruit notes, lemon zest, oystershell and almond notes. Hints of mandarin and peach and even a touch of ripe mango. The oak is integrating well and will become even better in the coming years. Focus is laser-like. Glorious now, but there is so much more ahead, with greater complexity and tertiary flavours to emerge as it ages. Expect this to be thrilling winelovers in a decade, if there is any left. This release, as they all are, will inevitably be compared with the finest from both Australia and Burgundy. It sits very comfortably among them. Wonderful now, but it has so much more to reveal.