Legent Bourbon


The Scotch Whisky industry has been using cask finishes to add interest to their releases for years by subtly altering styles from well known distilleries. Glenmorangie were one of the first Scotch distilleries to really get on board and at one stage had Scotch Whiskies finished off in Port, Madeira, Sauternes and Burgundy casks, among others. It was inevitable that Bourbon would follow.

Legent is a cask-finished Bourbon from the house of Jim Beam. It clearly comes from the premium long aged stocks put aside for their small batch releases, such as Booker’s and Baker’s, with distillation and partial aging in sherry and red wine barrels overseen by Jim Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe. Shinji Fukuyo, Chief Blender of Suntory, then took over with his role to bring together traditional aged Bourbons from American oak casks with the wine aged spirits. The result is delicious and unique.

Deep amber red, it shows classic sweet vanilla pod aromas but with some additions – dried fruit, tropical fruit with spice and cedary oak. It is then dry, spicy and resinous with a floral touch giving it much more complexity than your average Bourbon. It is also great quality in a very interesting style.

Variety: Other, Specialty