Les Trois Clefs Cotes du Rhone 2018


Yeah, I know. Everyone’s pleading with us to drink local, help out the small producers – and fair call. But when you see a Cotes du Rhone at $12 it’s hard to resist – even if it’s more about morbid fascination than genuine hope.

Firstly, this bottle carries an Appellation d’Origine Protégé which, if you wish, may tempt you down the French appellation rabbit hole for a bit of research. Essentially it means it follows the rules of the region in terms of allowable variety mixology and style. And that it does, this mostly grenache/shiraz based wine offers a simple, earthy style with soft, juicy, crimson fruits. It’s medium weight and easy over in the drinking, even layered with light savoury notes such as fennel seed. A touch of tannin bitterness arrives in the finish, but if you pour and quaff this with a lamb or beef braise, that will dissipate. 

Variety: Other, Specialty
Categories: Imported Wines