Mitchelton Estate Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


Okay, okay, I know that we here in Victoria may not have as much street cred compared to McLaren, Margie and Coonawarra when it comes to cabernet. But wily wine drinkers know that when we make it, we make it darn well. I cracked this one with a friend after work one night. We both gave it a spin, a sip and a taste, then looked at each other and said: ‘Cabernet’.

I love it when you get everything you want from a grape.  There’s melting mint chocolate, dusty spice, fresh cut plum, ripe blackberry juice and splintered cedar on the nose. Lower yields give the fruit a concentrated ripeness on the attack, one that spills and spreads all over the palate, taking all that sweet spice with it. Tannins are a little grainy and a little dusty to begin with, well defined and almost traceable.  They flesh out with time, becoming softer as the fruit becomes plusher and the wine divulges more of its complexity. 

Mitchelton Estate was in part founded by Australian wine icon, Colin Preece, a man renowned for his blending skills. I wager he’d be mighty pleased to drink such a refined and well-put together wine.

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