Mt Bera Amphitheatre Zweigelt 2020


Definitely not a grape many of us will have seen often (but at least a more appealing name than its other tag, Rotburger – which is, of course, different to the Rotberger variety – it all sounds a bit Monty Pythonesque). It was actually created in 1922 by Dr Zweigelt through breeding St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch together. So, happy centenary! It is popular in Austria and has also done well in Canada. From the minimal evidence of this wine, the Adelaide Hills might prove another welcoming home. A paler colour, light crimson, the nose offers notes of red cherries, spices, woodsmoke and bay leaves. Quite edgy, this is a sappy style of moderate length that should drink well over the next few years. This is definitely one to try for those adventurously inclined – you won’t be disappointed.