Pikes “Luccio” Pinot Grigio 2020


Pikes now have 20 varieties growing in their Clare valley estate vineyard blocks, so the excitement in white grape terms stretches way beyond their much-deserved reputation with riesling. (This PG includes selected grower fruit as well.)

Cut to the chase: this jumps right out of the glass with fabulous, fresh aromas of cut, green pears, and a waft of bath powders with a light lavender fragrance, which appears in other wines in the portfolio as well. An estate character, perhaps, or vintage? That crisp and crunchy feel follows in the drinking moment as well, like biting into a Pink Lady apple in terms of flavour and acidity, electrifying the senses, building towards mid-weight minerally textures and driving a long, mouth-watering finish. Crazy good grigio.  

You can buy the wine here.