Pikes The Merle Riesling 2020


The elite Pikes riesling release, honed specifically from only Polish Hill River district blocks and like its siblings all free run juice with lees influence. The jump from Pike’s regular Traditionale Riesling is centred more on a tighter and linear style, the aromatics showing a lot more spice and for want of imagination and terroir impressions, more minerals and smashed granites. There’s more acidity in play immediately and tasting of cut and juiced lemons in this iteration rather than exotic limes. Talc and chalkiness in the mouthfeels are all part of the design to set this on its way for 10-20 years to gather a plethora of mature characters. Those who celebrate its current focus on acidity, look forward to its unlimited potential, and for starters, try a 2015 museum release.