Rieslingfreak No. 34 Riesling 2020


Creamy Spaghetti Seafood Marinara was on the menu. I enjoy cooking this  meal as it is easy to make, yet it feels luxurious. Fresh seafood is key to achieving the best results. I looked for a wine that has freshness  and purity of flavour. As I contemplated, I felt like challenging the  classic and over-done ‘Riesling & Oysters’ food match, with an  experimental paring of Riesling with a creamy dish.

Rieslingfreak is a treasure of the Australian wine industry. John Hughes obsession with Riesling is unbelievable. His fine touch across wine styles translates into products of remarkable purity, elegance and  flair. The aromatics of the No. 34 are giving and ripe, with a white  nectarine touch blended with the classic lemon, lime and green apple.  The palate has substance and vigorous fruit expression, making the acidity feel softer, in a positive way.

As I eat, I sip the wine with and without food. The seeded mustard,  spring onion and fresh chives give the dish a zesty character which is  enhanced by the Riesling. The wine acts like a lemon juice seasoning on  the dish – adding freshness – which ultimately makes the meal feel lighter and more palatable.

This is a generous Riesling for early drinking. That is the beauty of it, a drink-now proposition bursting with aromas and flavours. The  lemony finish, softer acidity and substantial fruit weight in the middle palate offers a broad appeal, particularly for those seeking a  flavoursome dry white.