Savaterre Pinot Noir 2017


Organic – this Pinot comes from close planted 25 year old vines at 7500 vines/hectare, in the Burgundy model. Perfumed herbal whole bunch nose that follows through onto the palate. This wine undergoes 70% whole bunch fermentation, that adds a lean, green and astringent texture to the palate coupled with a chalky, tannic finish. The wholebunch notes add freshenss but I felt the wine was hidden underneath the winemaking. I did think some time and air might loosen up those tight knit tannins and the stalky component. I did try this wine 2 days later with the influence of movement and oxygen. It was so delicious, supple and slippery with pretty red fruits shining through. This is a complex wine that needs patience, but you will be rewarded with power and complexity.