Brown Brothers Refreshingly Light Prosecco NV


Prosecco is a downright multi-faced superstar.

It’s driving sales of sparklings, almost singlehandedly so in cans, and now it’s a star on the rise in the emerging low alcohol wine market.

The winemakers of the King Valley, including the audacious Brown Brothers who were early converts to prosecco, probably saw its diversity early, but now we all are.

This 9% prosecco sourced by Brown Brothers from the King Valley rocks.

The grape may very well suit the low alcohol style best – it’s never relied on high-ish alcohols in order to achieve flavour – and a touch of sweetness together with plenty of bubble action brings wide appeal, emphasising the grape’s lemon sorbet, crunchy apple and acacia blossom characters. 

There is no vintage date here, so the maker also has the added opportunity of using older vintage material to add greater depth of flavour and character.

So lively, so fresh and so now. It’s a winner.