See Saw Fulcra Shiraz 2017


A Shiraz in a dark and brooding mood with a vein of savouriness running clean and bringing a real addition to the wine. Maybe that’s why it takes the Shiraz moniker and not Syrah, which is how the grape labelled under the Invergo Series. This six-year-old looks and tastes like a two-year-old, such is the tight, firm presence it holds in the glass. Carries plenty of concentration and swirling spice amid blackberry, cassis, black cherry, earth and leather notes. Tannins remain firm, a feature of the region and the maker, with a savoury presence on the palate. Acidity, well, it makes itself known which raises the possibility of further ageing. Love the twist of pepper, pepperberry and undergrowth to close.

Variety: Red Wine, Shiraz