Small Acres Cyder 2020 Vintage


Cider is a perennially misunderstood and under-appreciated beverage. ‘Proper’ ciders made from cider apples, like those from Orange producer Small Acres Cyder, offer an experience that is genuinely on par with fine wine. And in fact, this particular release from Small Acres – pouring completely still and pale straw in colour – looks for all money like a white wine, too. 

Still ciders are exceedingly rare in Australia, but Norfolk Still has long been a fixture in the Small Acres range, inspired by the still ciders common in England’s eastern counties. New owners Nick and Jannene Geoghegan look set to continue the tradition, having taken the reigns earlier this year.

Norfolk Still 2020 is a clean, approachable and elegant cider that is pleasingly textural on the palate, courtesy of the heritage apple tannins. Finishing medium dry, its texture and sweetness guarantee it as a versatile accompaniment to food. Substitute it in any occasion you would otherwise reach for a skin contact white wine.