Stonehaven Reserve Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2021


A wine of impact on a number of fronts. The cork and wax seal, the deep-punted heavy bottle indicate as much. As does the vintage date; 2021 was considered a top year. Then there’s the good, strong, upfront Cabernet profile, splendid in bramble, mint, briar, earth, black fruits and spice. Flows easily, evenly. Tell-tale regional terroir can’t be missed in Coonawarra choc mint, spearmint and eucalypt which, it should be noted, doesn’t dominate but is more of an adjunct, encased in fruit, spice, smart vanillin oak and a warm, textural embrace. There’s no doubting the ripeness and power of the fruit, but it is handled well. Boasts strong drink now appeal but there is also opportunity for further ageing. A plus-plus kind of wine.