Taylors St Andrews Clare Valley Riesling 2019


Clare Valley Riesling comes in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of winemakers that go for lean and mean, acid-driven styles – fantastic young when accompanying dishes that need a sharp bite of acidity, such as fish and chips, or for refreshment on a hot day. But they can be hard work – like sucking on an unripe lime.

This wine is at the other end of the spectrum. It is full-throttle and proudly wears on its sleeve a warm and dry Clare Valley summer. Sure it has plenty of citrus fruit aromas, as all good riesling should, which is accented by some exotic floral blossom and apricot thrown in the mix. It’s then dry and crisp but also rounded and generous with rich fruit and fine balance that drive a long mouth-filling finish. It is big riesling style, and a little bit unusual for the Clare Valley but I like it a lot, and reckon it would be at its best matched with a roast vegetable tart.