The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskey


Melbournian outfit The Gospel Distillers has made an impressive entry to the nascent Australian rye whiskey category.

Co-founder Andrew Fitzgerald explained the ethos behind The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskey in Season Five, Episode One of the Drinks Adventures podcast:

“It’s as American-influenced as we could produce a rye whiskey in Australia,” he said.

“The grain which we source from the Murray Mallee is very particular grain in that it’s quite small. They get very little rain out there, so it’s compact in flavour.

“We source from that one farm, and then we run it through a continuous column still.

“It’s finished in a pot still and then aged in 24-month old, seasoned barrels for an average of two and a half years.”

If, like me, you relish the spicy intensity of a traditional American rye, you won’t be disappointed with The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskey.

You get a big lick of American oak up front, which makes way for some husky grain character that is slightly astringent in character, but it’s pleasing to see the rye shine through. There’s a freshness about it, like the crunch of leaves underfoot on a warm, breezy autumn day.

On the back palate you get raisins, baking spices and some comforting leathery notes. It doesn’t feel fully integrated yet but that will surely come with future releases. An impressive start, especially at this modest price.

Buy direct from the distillery here.

Variety: Other, Specialty