Vino Intrepido Cold Fusion Prosecco col Fondo 2021


Cloudy in colour, but in this case it’s not a bad thing. Col Fondo literally translates from the Italian ‘with the bottom’ indicating the presence of lees’ sediments in the bottom of the bottle. Indeed, this sparkling wine hasn’t been disgorged like usually happens. Nothing to worry about, this method of making sparkling wine is quite ancient. Fruit sourced from Box Grove vineyard in Nagambie Lakes. Delicate aromas of pink grapefruit, quince, white grape, and pulpy Packham pear. Some white blossoms too. Bubbles are on the exuberant side, but this is expected from a non-Champagne method. Juicy and pulpy on the mid palate, with that bit of sweetness reminiscent of another ripe Packham pear. A fair length with a back of palate that is all about the creaminess of the lees, some sweetness, and light aromatic flavours.

Variety: Other, Prosecco