Yalumba Y Series Riesling 2019


Riesling offers extraordinary buying power when in the white wine aisles. And why it hasn’t become the most loved Australian white variety constantly befuddles riesling’s fan club.

This value-rated outing from the Barossa – note it doesn’t specify “Barossa Valley” suggests its sources include cooler, respectful, sub-regional Eden Valley fruit. And we all know and love EV ‘rizza’. Even at this price there is definite evidence of finer varietal attractions, starting with aromatic orchard florals, citrus trees in bloom, then lemons and limes shaping the flavours with a light cream/curd finish. In all, a softer acid cut than more confronting, razor sharp versions of the variety. That’s what makes this such an easy going, intro riesling. Put one in the fridge before you go fishing in your spare time.