Apogee Alto Pinot Gris 2021


From the masterful hand of one of the pioneers of Tasmania’s modern vinous landscape, Dr Andrew Pirie. His work on sparkling is world renowned and one of the better bubbles out of Tassie is proud to bear his name for the label. But he shows just as much skill with still wine. Dr Pirie notes that this wine is an Australian expression where the Gris/Grigio lines blur, but I find that this shifts its weight over to the Gris side of the fence, reaching a ripeness that some vignerons can’t achieve with a “red” grape in Tasmania. 

A swirl in the glass and the descending legs take a quicksilver journey back to the surface.  Hyper fragrant brown pear flesh dominates with lemon balm, pink rock salt, light musk and honeysuckle richness. Velvety and powerful, layered depth carries the softest amount of grip through a full body with a fierce intensity on the long, dry finish. A fine cut about most Pinot Gris.