Barossa Boy Wines ‘Young Wisdom’ Mataro 2018


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We don’t see a lot of 100% Mataro. Based on the evidence of this wine, that is a shame. I guess that it is fairly particular about where it grows and its success as a blender has given it both that role and that reputation.

This is under cork/diam, rather than the screwcaps which seal the other reds. From ancient vines in a dry-grown vineyard, we can see where the power in so many blends comes from. This is a Rocky Balboa of a wine – concentrated, intense, muscular (although it has nothing to do with anything Italian). Black fruits, powerful tannins and serious length. It really needs time and it is worth noting that Trent advises that 2018 is “an outstanding vintage for Mataro” in the Barossa. 

I do have one bone to pick. Trent (and or advisors) have done the usual thing and offered some serving suggestions for this wine. Pulled pork, Chinese roast duck – all good. But blue cheese? Not at the point of a gun. I think that would destroy both wine and cheese. I can think of very few things which would be worse. Well, perhaps one. Trent’s final choice. Ice-cream. No, no, no, no! Why? 

That aside, a cracking example of Mataro and one you should definitely try. Just not with blue cheese or ice-cream. 


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