Chain of Ponds Black Thursday Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Are we there yet? Have we reached peak Sauvignon Blanc overload? I doubt it. Like Chardonnay before it, we embrace the diversity of a classic grape like Sauvignon and we look to a range of styles, not just one or two. Still, the style we first came to love – the über-exuberant, party like it’s 1999 sav – is still alive and thriving. Black Thursday Sauvignon Blanc falls into that category. It’s brim full with the contents of a tropical fruit bowl, exploding out of the glass. Passionfruit, gooseberry, melon, stone fruits, citrus . . . you can smell each individual piece of fruit. The snow peas and canned peas bring the herbal interplay so essential to the grape. They party on the palate. It’s all crunchy acidity and freshness on the tongue. Black Thursday is a well-priced, easily understood Sauvignon. No need to pull it apart and contemplate its reason for being. Just enjoy.

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