Champagne Christian Péligri Rosé Brut NV


A blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, this non-vintage rosé arrives in attractive shades of deep cranberry-red cherry. It’s a welcoming start to a cheery, easy drinking rosé that brings plenty of sweet notes and summer berry freshness to the glass. Two years on lees have delivered red cherry, wild strawberry scents with Brazil nut and macaroon notes. Malolactic fermentation heightens the approachability of the Champagne with a creamy texture as the palate highlights fresh summer berries, musk, boiled lolly confection and macaroon. There is a notable sweetness – 9g/L dosage – that immediately presents options for the drinker. It can be enjoyed well-chilled as an aperitif or, better still, match it to a dessert that highlights the summer fruits brightness.