Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso


Lyre’s has released an impressive set of non-alcoholic spirits that have exploded internationally. In line with current trends, people are more health conscious so it’s handy to have a delicious mid-week alternative that will keep you focused and fresh. Lyre’s spirits are completely alcohol-free and are made in Australia by carefully distilling flavours from natural ingredients, carefully curated by some of the best experts in the hospitality business. The length and depth of the range is complemented by its talented team. 

The Aperitif Rosso captures the essence of a vermouth rosso. Grapefruit pith underneath gives freshness then blood orange and vanilla take the lead with a decadent edge, a refreshing mouth-feel and a hint of bitterness. Add ice, soda and fresh orange for a thirst-quenching pre-dinner beverage! Move over Campari. A great Spritz alternative!

Variety: Other, Specialty
Categories: Drinks