Orlando Steingarten Eden Valley Riesling 2019


Steingarten, now there’s a timeless Riesling name.

Recent vintages have been released under the broader ‘Barossa’ zone appellation identity, but it’s so good to see the return of the single vineyard’s origin, Eden Valley, to the label. At 400 metres altitude and with hard soils, yields might be low but fruit concentration is off the charts.

Steingarten offers a masterclass in what we perceive as minerality, that tang of stone, flint, slate that expresses itself so beautifully aromatically and texturally.

Focused and pure bouquet of honeysuckle, apple blossom, flint, lime cordial intensity.

Each pass over the lips sees something new emerge: ruby grapefruit, sweet lime, peach, lemon sherbet. A seamless beauty, one long stream of intense Riesling consciousness. You can purchase the wine here.