Picardy Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc 2017


A very fine expression of the merlot dominant blend.  The 2017 vintage was cool, long and wet, producing a wine here of finesse, structure and line.  

The nose opens with very typical dark choc characters (merlot) and moves over the palate in a creamy swoosh of dark purple berries (the cabernets) and spicy oak.  The tannins are very fine and are well matched to the acid which exerts a cooling presence over the wine as a whole.   The structure contributed by the two cabs is evident on the palate, making another very strong case for the ‘sum is greater than the parts’ argument.

Medium-bodied at best, this is beautiful wine and one of the (is it ‘the’?) standout merlot dominant blends from Western Australia.  You can grab the wines here.

Categories: Australian Wines