Pikes “Los Campaneros” Shiraz Tempranillo 2017

Clare Valley stalwarts Pikes are best known for their rieslings – not surprisingly as they are based in the revered Polish Hill River district – as well as their traditional reds – shiraz and cabernet. Now add to their portfolio a bag of newer varieties, tempranillo among them, which makes up a 15% portion of this blend and with dramatic effect. 

First things first: give this wine a good hour or two in a decanter or at least open the bottle to air. It really brings into play that tempranillo influence and adds an attractive white chocolate and raspberry note to the aromas. There’s a pepperiness too, more than anything a prettiness to the first impression that lingers throughout. 

The wine is more medium-bodied than full, earthy with fine, sandy tannins that permeate the back end of the palate – evenly and supportive it must be said – to give this a lovely, savoury and spicy vibe. Pizza night just got a whole lot better!

You can buy the wine here.

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