Prometheus Mataro 2021


As with all the Prometheus range, the grapes for this wine are sourced from the Riverland, this time a famous name in Australian wine, the Chaffey Vineyard. My usual view of Mataro, a Spanish variety also known as Monastrell or Mourvèdre or a few other things, is that as a wine, it works best as a blending component where it can offer its power, high alcohol, colour, big and bold flavours of dark fruits and its perfumes. There are occasional single varietal efforts and I enjoy looking at them but usually I am left thinking, too much of a good thing and better to blend. For me, this is an example of that. I should state that I know plenty of winelovers who will disagree with me on this. What I find over the top, they love. If that is you, then definitely chase this. 

A crimson red, this is very earthy and for me, too rustic. We have animal hides, leather, cloves, farmyard notes and some licorice. Gamey is one way of putting it. Not my cup of tea but others may be more welcoming.

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