Schild Estate Narrow Road Shiraz Cabernet 2019


Whenever tasting Shiraz Cabernet blends the most important thing is how well the two varieties marry. Nail that and well, the rest of the wine makes itself. Is it seamless? Not quite. The Shiraz undoubtedly has the upper hand (66%) here and the grapes do seem to be begrudgingly working together, a little like Thor and Loki (can we start using Marvel analogies in wine notes? I think it’s about time), but whatever their differences, they get the job done, because ultimately, the end result is delicious. The fruit is deep, and sultry, and just a little juicy, as though picked from a barely warm, sun dappled forest. There’s cedar and spice and all things nice and the whole package is one of generosity, of plushness, of eagerness to please. I think it does and will continue to do so, but time is going to be a major factor. And of course if those boys can get along.