Wildflower Shiraz 2018

The nose here is awesome.  Bright and vibrant: a combo of juicy jubes, summer florals and bucketloads of berries and enough spice to make this a very tempting proposition indeed.  The palate is alive with aforementioned characters, and it is propped up by a spice structure that makes it more about the tannins and mouthfeel than the fruit. 

A wine of three parts: the beginning, right as it pours into your mouth, the full gamut of flavour is accessible to you.  The mid-palate – where the fruit turns off and the structure and spice turns on.  The finish, where it all comes together: this is where it departs and leaves a lingering memory of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A quick decant will bring this together for you in no time flat. Blue-Gold at the Sydney International Wine Comp 2019, a Silver at Royal Adelaide and Royal Melbourne Wine Shows 2019.

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