Apogee Alto Pinot Noir 2019


Andrew Pirie of Apogee has a long and distinguished history in Tasmania as the man behind Pipers Brook. These days his focus is much tighter on Apogee, the vineyards for which are not far inland from the original Pipers Brook plantings. They are located a little bit further from the coast giving some protection from what can be the wild weather off Bass Straight.

However Apogee is far removed from Pipers Brook in many ways – tiny production of wines off a single 2 hectare plot of vines with exceptional quality the ultimate aim. They are all handmade wines too and are wines with personality.

The Apogee Pinot Noir is a haunting, pretty and fine Pinot style, as you’d expect with Pipers River, the coolest serious wine growing region in Tasmania, which is why it has become home to some of the country’s best sparkling wines. The colour is quite light but there is plenty of concentration to it – raspberry and floral fruits with delicate spice. It is then light-bodied, restrained and understated, but again has a good core of fruit concentration that drives a long, crisp and silky finish. It is super young and while delicious now it does need a couple of years to settle. These wines have come a long way in the last couple of years – no doubt they will get even better.

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