Brown Brothers Patricia Brut Extended Lees 2010


A special release of a very special wine. Back when this wine was first released, it was recognised as a special vintage so the decision was made to keep some back to age on the lees (yeast cells) in the cellar, to release as a late disgorged style. This gentle rest has kept the wine incredibly fresh and mineral with restrained aromas of delicate lemon blossoms, crisp apple slices, warm hay and the deep pockets of a favourite sundress full of seashells after a day at the beach.

The delicacy continues in the mouth with a super fine creamy mousse, white strawberries and white peach. The time on lees presents as a perfect baguette, straight from a boulangerie in Paris – breaking the crunchy end off in the street and sinking your teeth through the crispy crust to the airy duck-feather-pillow softness of the bread. It has a creamy texture that invites food – think subtle flavours like pan-fried calamari.

Cellar Door only