Cape Mentelle Wallcliffe Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc 2018


To be precise this is a four-way partnership of grapes, revealing the little one percenters – quite literally – that can go into making a quality wine. The break down is Petit Verdot (66%), Cabernet Franc (24%), Merlot (9%) and Shiraz (1%). What one percent of Shiraz brings to the whole I cannot say, but I love the fact that it’s there and clearly there is a reason for its presence. I also love the fact that by Petit Verdot standards the grape is nicely reserved, it’s not loud and bold but works well with its finer, more aromatically inclined blending partners. Lavender floral aromas mix with jalapeño, spice notes and black cherry, plum. The palate is plush and inviting but also tight in structure. Tannins are well in control and there’s potential for further ageing. Herbals come out to play – sage and thyme – in league with cherry, plum fruits and some distinguished French oak.