Capital Wines The Abstainer Rosé 2021


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One of the things I try to look for in a rosé is low to medium alcohol levels. At 12.2%, the Capital rosé definitely hits that target. It’s a smashable rosé that won’t leave you reeling from the alcohol if you enjoy it with too much gusto.

Made from Sangiovese, I can see a little bit of cherry fruit character. In fact it’s got a lovely bit of softness on the palate giving a juiciness to the flavours. There’s a raspberry confection note too but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s sweet; plenty of dry acidity cleans this rosé up nicely on the finish.

If you were to match it with food, I’d go with sashimi. Or anything that is mildly flavoured with a touch of salty savouriness to highlight the fruit flavours in the wine. Rosé of course, especially when it’s been made in this clean simple style, is always fine to enjoy on its own.

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