Claymore You’ll Never Walk Alone Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2022


Every year, this wine causes me issues. Not the wine itself – it is always delicious drinking. But the link to the Liverpool soccer team (apparently known colloquially as the ‘mug-smashers – don’t ask me why) as it is their unofficial anthem (or possibly their official one – I have no idea). It always seems to cross my desk as the season is reaching fever pitch (fans of the glorious Gunners will see what I did there). As I write, those very same glorious Gunners sit fractionally ahead of said ‘mug-smashers’ on goal difference only, with a possibly season-defining game against Man C tonight and I am expected to wax lyrical about something glorifying the opposition? It hurts.

To the wine, a lightweight bottle, the colour is garnet red. The nose gives us alluring notes of strawberries, raspberries, spices and red fruits in general – Grenache to the fore here. Hints of warm earth, the palate sees the emergence of soft, red cherries on the palate. Fine acidity and a lingering finish. Enjoy it over the next four to six years. Dare I say, it would be the perfect way to commiserate with Liverpool fans for going ever so close again.