Mitchelton Roussanne 2020


The first swirl took me straight back to the intoxicating aromas of my godmother’s kitchen. She believed in dousing her baklava with a warm orange blossom and honey syrup immediately before slipping huge wedges of nutty pastry into our eager little hands. There’s juicy ripe peaches eaten in the sunshine and a hint of ginger spice too. 

On the palate the stone fruit continues to seduce with a silky richness, against a backdrop of finely laced texture – a hint of grapefruit pith, a suggestion of chalk, a saline freshness. 

This wine will remind you of summer in the depths of winter, pairing as easily with crunchy cheese toasties dipped in bowls of steaming soup as it will with platters of fresh seafood. I drank it with a spicy chicken curry and pillowy cheese-filled naan; definitely try that too.