Orin Swift Eight Years in the Desert 2018


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Zinfandel was one of the first varieties that winemaker Dave Phinney cut his teeth on. After starting with it in 1998, Phinney created a brand which he eventually sold, agreeing not to make another zin for the next eight years. Then in 2016 he started to dabble with it once more. This is a blend of concentrated zinfandel, petite sirah, syrah and grenache which provides an idea of the opulence and fruit intensity. Strangely though, and with all that alcohol, it is neither hot nor excessive. Dark liqueur chocolate aromas with a lifted slightly floral note gives it a certain elegance. Beautifully poised and balanced, it’s spicy with raspberry and cherry notes lift. This is an expertly crafted blend with dominant zinfandel that works so well.


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