Paisley Wines Celtic Clurichaun Mataro 2018


May I begin by saying that I have no idea about marketing, but I must say that it would never have occurred to me that it was a good idea to call a wine ‘Clurichaun’. Not something that rolls off the tongue for the poor sod aiming to impress on a first date. Still, as I said, I know nothing about this. The reason is that a Clurichaun is apparently, and I am not making this up, a bad tempered cousin of the Leprechaun (hands up all those of us who had no idea that a Leprechaun even had relatives). Clurichuans live in wine cellars around Ireland (so they are a long way from home in the Barossa). Be kind to a Clurichaun and he will look after your wines. Otherwise, he is going to have a very good time at your expense.

The Mataro here is from the southern end of the Barossa. Small batch fermentation with occasional hand plunging, a percentage of whole bunches are included, extended time on lees, twenty months maturation in oak (a quarter of which is fine grained French, the rest older and more neutral).  Opaque maroon, we have generous black fruits on the nose. A most approachable style, big and bold, with notes of chocolate, coffee grinds, leather, cherry and mocha. This is a carnivore’s delight. Plushness runs the full length, through to soft and silky tannins. A very fine example of Mataro, a grape better known for its role as a blender. Drink now for six to eight years.