Paul Jaboulet ‘Ventoux’ Grenache-Syrah 2020


Rhône wines are always a reliable choice, often offering great value. This red blend is no exception. As it opens, blueberry and dark cherry notes emerge, followed by black pepper and Chinese ink aromas. On the palate, it reveals an articulated drive with a sanguine character, sitting nicely in the middle with great red cherry definition. It is persistent with spicy touches, quite moreish yet complex. I prepared a cous cous and quinoa salad with spicy chicken to match. Ingredients included halloumi, tomato, pear, cucumber, spring onion, black pepper, and diced boiled egg. On the side I added an exotic sauce that features Scorpio chillies with strawberry jam. This elevated the matching a notch, balancing out the sweetness of the fruit and the spicy edge of the wine. There is a spicy vibrancy and freshness in both the food and the wine, the interaction between the elements creates an alluring synergy. This is a worthy value wine, that will satisfy anyone with its plushness and charming character.