Pimpernel Vineyards Grouch 2020


Grouch in name but not in personality. A co-ferment of Shiraz and Marsanne – very Rhône Valley territory here – that brings a similar slow burn tasting journey, akin to the producer’s Shiraz Viognier blend. Be prepared. Distinctly floral and lightly spiced in aroma with black cherry and plum. So far, so good. Falls innocently enough on the tongue and then builds and builds, gaining momentum, richness and flavour intensity. The longer the wine is open, the bigger the reveal. Marsanne brings acacia, almond, gentle florals and honey notes while Shiraz contributes the lively spice and red fruited intensity. The role of oak and tannin is interesting, both are quietly persuasive but far from intrusive. And that 15% alcohol? Barely noted, an indication of some pretty smart winemaking.