Schubert Estate Goose-Yard Block Shiraz 2018


There are some interesting figures attached to this Shiraz which help explain its style: 24 months barrel fermentation, 15.5% alcohol. In other words, it’s a big ‘un. On those figures alone, you might be intimidated. In the glass, it’s a slightly different story. Deep, impenetrable inky hues and an equally impressive level of woodsmoke aromas greet the drinker matched to plum, fruitcake, black fruits, chocolate, dried fruits and a world of inviting dark, toasted spices and sweet-smelling earth. With ultra-ripe fruit and oak present, there is no shortage of flavour and it’s carried well courtesy of a smooth and focused tannin presence. So, yes, it’s a big ‘un but it is delivered with typical Barossan warmth and gemütlichkeit.