Step By Step The Mum Chardonnay 2020


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The people behind Step By Step have taken an “unorthodox” approach to re-branding their on-premise brand. It will become obvious when you see the labels and the accompanying quiz.

The wines are well-priced, sourced from multiple regions in South Australia and sell for $15. The South Australian chardonnay is supposed to be “the mum” of the squad and feel like “Bridget Jones.” Not sure about the sexism at play here. 

However it is as described, it remains a light and gentle chardonnay that doesn’t ask too much of the drinker. Just open and enjoy. Citrus, ripe melon, sweet peach across the aroma and palate with some lifted, lively spice characters.

It’s also bouncy and juicy with a sherbet-like acid presence.

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