The ultimate thirst quencher – Stone & Wood Pacific Ale


Imagine throwing in the corporate life, moving to Byron Bay and then making beer for a living. Well that is actually what the three founders behind the Stone and Wood Pacific Ale did. Sick of working for the man they tossed it all in and created one the great Summer beers.

Jamie Cook, Brad Rogers and Ross Jurisich were not new to beer – they certainly knew what they were doing. And their ultimate aim was to make a new classic Australian beer, well before craft beer was taking off. Sure there were some great beers around such as Coopers and Little Creatures. But they were looking for something better – a little fresher, lighter, easier to drink but still with real beer character. A beer to match the relaxed lifestyle and warm climate where they wanted to set up their brewery in Byron Bay.

It started out as the Stone & Wood Draught Ale, to be poured in the bars of South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. What Jamie, Brad and Ross did not realise at the time was that they had created a monster. Draught Ale would take on a life of its own and its fame would reach far and wide. People wanted to take it home and drink in around a barbeque. The Draught Ale name wouldn’t do, and Pacific Ale was born.

It’s a lighter ale style but still with plenty of hoppiness and even some tropical fruit aromas. But where this beer really hits the mark is in the mouth – it’s fresh, bright and not too heavy with just enough bitterness to give it some proper beer character. It is a masterpiece.

Variety: Other, Specialty
Categories: Drinks