Tierra del Puerco Field Marshall Shiraz 2020


In the Tierra del Puerco range, many of the chosen names reference the names of pigs that the Lienert brothers as children grew up with. Apparently, Field Marshall was a prize porker. The introduction to the wine on the website is hugely entertaining with mentions of Chris Hemsworth, Brigitte Bardot among others and renditions of Careless Whisper played to just-picked Shiraz grapes by a saxophone player. Give it a read. But back to the wine in hand   . . . it’s pretty tasty and sweet-fruited, very Barossa, against a background of earthy savouriness. Black fruits, stewed plums, dark chocolate, earth and spice all mingle freely. This is possibly the most Barossa-like of the Lienert reds, playing to expectations, until that edginess of Lienert tannin structure comes into view. The brothers actively work against our expectations of what a Barossa red might taste like. It’s quite refreshing.