Wolf Blass Makers’ Project Pink Pinot Grigio 2019


Some white grape varieties have pink skins. It’s just the way it is. Such is the case with pinot grigio/gris, a grape which is related to pinot noir.

For years, the majority of Australian winemakers have sought to deny any shade of pink from entering either their grigio (early picked) or gris (later picked) wines. It was a marketing decision, the feeling was that consumers wanted a white wine from a white grape variety.

The Wolf Blass Makers’ Project pinot grigio attempts to right the wrong done to the grape in the past – eliminating colour from wine involves processes which can also affect flavour – so expect quite a strong salmon pink colour to the wine. Using the free run, or the juice that runs before pressing starts, helps to deliver the colour and provides the second part of the project equation which is a crisp finish.

Aromas are delicately spiced and fragrant with confection, apple and ginger snap biscuit notes. The wine mixes grigio dryness with gris-like spice on the palate with apple and citrus sorbet notes. The finish is then clean and crisp. Mission accomplished.