Albert Bichot Chablis 2018


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Experimenting with new food recipes is a joy in my life. Lucky for me, my wife loves it as much as I do and on this occasion she decided to attempt spinach feta scrolls with mushroom & bacon. Regardless of the day of the week, I am always up for a gastronomic experience plus had a bottle of Chablis from Albert Bichot ready to go!

Chablis has never been more in the spotlight than today. Viticulture is harder to manage every season as the pressures provoked by global warming increase. As a result, we find ourselves in a situation with prices increasing and the wines becoming more of a gamble. White Burgundy has always been a challenge in this regard, nowadays even more so. I’m pleased to report that this time was a win.

This Chardonnay displayed the classic Chablis characteristics. True to style, it had a restrained bouquet of wet stones, lemon and dairy. I decided to present the wine via a decanter, to experience its evolution. As it opened up, it showed a honeyed note with waxy complexities and a touch of camomile, making it a lot more expressive and enticing.

Fresh from the oven, the scrolls are ‘to die for’ — a delicate finger food. Puffy pastry, feta and mushrooms were a delightful combination. The overall saltiness married superbly with the long and lively fresh finish that Chablis is renowned for. I found that the spinach and the lemony edge of the wine played up nicely, blending everything together. The bacon and spring onion further elevate the overall experience.

 I had a wonderful time sipping the wine and enjoying the substance it added to the overall feast. Such a lovely example — so lively, giving and open. It had persistence of flavour, leaving an airy finish on the palate. I always feel that drinking the wines from Albert Bichot teaches me something new and I’m delighted to say that it didn’t disappoint.


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