Bekkers Syrah Grenache 2021


One of the first modern wines to put McLaren Vale among the top handful of Australian wine regions was d’Arenberg’s 1967 Burgundy, a blend of Grenache and Shiraz. While blends have generally gone out of favour, this example from Bekkers shows that the style still delivers some of McLaren Vale’s best, with upfront Shiraz impact well supported by savoury Grenache nuances.

Deep coloured, this initially delivers hearty aromas of blackberry, liquorice, dark cherry, new leather and touches of tobacco with notable density and power. Grenache then is more visible on the palate delivering a strong yet silky texture with dark berry fruits taking on hints of game and spice. Impressive volume of fruit well supported by chalky tannins then deliver a robust and lengthy finish. Classic for the style with with time on its side.