Brown Brothers Shiraz Mondeuse & Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


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Have you heard of Mondeuse? No, I hadn’t either. It’s been around for a while though; the vines used for this unique blend planted over 100 years ago at Brown Brothers Milawa vineyard. 

John Charles Brown (2nd generation winemaker) created this blend in 1954, fermenting the three varieties together, and they still make it the same way today – with good reason.

Firstly, I beg you to decant this wine and enjoy it slowly over a few hours. Your patience will be rewarded as the layers reveal themselves.

It pours a brilliant magenta and smells like fresh blackberries, aniseed powder, dried oregano and freshly turned earth. With time a decadent pheromone musky note evolves alongside graphite mountainside, spicy air-dried charcuterie and perfumed porcini mushrooms.

Despite the inky colour, firm tannins and 14.5% alcohol, it still sits surprisingly light on the palate, both concentrated and supple.

There is something both hedonistic and pure about this wine; delicacy dancing with earthy, sensual power. 

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