Glaetzer Wines Anaperenna by Ben Glaetzer 2021


Descriptors such as mellow, rich and generous are expected from Ben Glaetzer’s reds. For Anaperenna 2021, you can add elegant and lively. The ’21 sees the idiosyncratic Aussie blend of Shiraz (79%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (21%) follow a similar path captured in the ’20 with a fresh and energetic interpretation of the style. Red fruits fuse with black pepper spice, licorice with chocolate against a clean, structured background of well-placed oak (100% new French and American oak hogsheads) and tannin. Rolls along at a pace – there’s that energy – where the role of acidity comes into play. We don’t talk enough about acidity in red wine. It’s contribution here can’t be denied. There’s a touch of alcohol heat to close on the ’21 Anaperenna which reminds the drinker that this remains a rich, ripe and generous young Barossan red. It’s also one that is just starting out on life’s long journey.