Gundog Estate Gundaroo Riesling 2021


Making an off-dry riesling is not for the faint hearted. It’s not simply stopping fermentation a little early and leaving some sugar behind, or fermenting to dryness and then adding back some unfermented juice. It’s a finely measured thing. It’s also highly intuitive winemaking. When you taste a good one, you know it. Sweetness becomes completely integrated into the whole, no edges, no harshness, no obviousness.

In the Gundaroo 2021, it’s like biting into a spiced apple torte, with that tweak of ripe apply dessert freshness. It grabs your attention early with kaffir lime, citrus, spice, nougat and, dare I suggest, an almost Germanic personality. Clean, riveting line and length – acidity plays a keen role here –  with a mineral edge. And then that bite into the spiced apple torte. Delicious.

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