Lienert PIQ Piquepoul 2022


The Lienert brothers describe this high acid French white grape in Riesling terms – it’s not a bad analogy. Think green apple scents and flavour. A strong citrus vein runs the length and breadth of the wine with a real smack of assertive saline acidity. It’s not a particularly complex wine, but that’s not its principal role in life. It’s a wake-me-up kind of wine perfect for lazy summer afternoons when the cricket is on the tele and you need to keep your wits alert to the next Aussie delivery. Or, you have a plate of oysters or shellfish and wondering what to drink with them – here is the answer. This is the first time the maker has looked to the Rhône/Languedoc grape. It won’t be the last. A 2023 PIQ is planned.

Variety: Other, Specialty